Jose Pablo Minor Loves me but….


My favorite show Passion and Power is still as epic as I ever was although I had to miss a couple of episodes last week during Easter. I was on an escapade that I will tell you about later but for now, this is much more exciting!


Jose Pablo Minor

As I was saying, I missed a lot during Easter, (4 episodes to be exact) and as a result, managed to miss the 6-month time jump on the show and all the drama accompanied with it. When I got back, I managed to catch up and I am glad I arrived in time to find a new train wreck going down. Julia had already found out that Franco was Eladio’s son and it has been interesting seeing the chaos unfold. The aftermath of this was watching Arturo try to get back Julia after she left Eladio and I don’t know if anyone saw this coming, but the two people who had absolutely nothing to do with this managed to be caught in the snares and suffer the most for it. I’m talking about David and Regina! The two who had been planning on moving in together now have to break apart because they believe their parents have been carrying out an illicit affair.

David and Regina have always had the strongest, yet fickle relationship and it’s getting that much harder to keep routing for them. I was very upset on Thursday after Regina decided that it was time to leave David AGAIN because there was yet another obstacle in their relationship. Regina claims to love David but she fails to prove it every time since she jumps at each opportunity to leave him! A little bump on the road, and her bags are packed! I almost think she has them packed all the time just in case… This time was no different and it was the first time we got to see David finally break from it. JP Minor outdid himself during that scene when Regina was leaving and my heart broke when he dropped to the floor and told her that he was tired of always having to fight for both of them. His hair was in disarray, his eyes were full of pain and despair, he was crying but still Regina walked out of the door. Just like David, I too had had enough! I went on a twitter and Instagram rampage, expressing my disappointment too, saying that if Regina no longer wanted David, I would have him! YES, I WOULD!


Sorry, but I had to…

And then yesterday happened! Jose Pablo Minor left a comment on my Instagram post which popped out of my notifications window as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The comment read, and I QUOTE; “Love You!!! Thanks for the support. :)” (Let us all have a moment of silence for that epic moment right there…) I tried to remain calm, but come on…

Anyhow, I started thinking. Could this be a sign? He wrote it right there! LOVE YOU! With multiple exclamation marks and flower emojis!!!  I mean, we have some things in common…. We are age mates, we…. Okay, maybe that’s the only thing we have in common so I eventually had to come back to reality and re assess the situation. He is an international personality, a telenovela lead star and former Mr. World contestant and while I’m not bad looking either, I’m still grappling with the realities of unemployment plus I think the distance thing would be a major problem for us. And thus, here I am, letting down dearest David/ Minor yet again much like Regina has.  Granted, there is the real obstacle of an ocean between us and it is that much harder to overcome so I’m sorry, Jose Pablo Minor. I love you too but it just cannot be… For now… 😦 😥