Best book ever!

Today has been marvelous day! I know it has been quite some time since i wrote anything, but i do intend to change that, in all sense of optimism. I got this book three days ago.I cannot believe that I cannot recall its name, that’s how intense it was. It was by a writer called Lesley Lokko, that much i have not yet forgotten. By far the best book i have ever read.
The plot was so spot on but what really caught me was how well i could relate with the characters, the emotions, the pain, the passion. I had goose bums just from reading it, my composure on edge with how real and overwhelming the characters circumstances were. Looking back, I have always been a wide reader of romantic novels and i have this fanaticism with soap operas also. Love stories are my favorite , however I feel as if through the obsession, I have been looking for an exceptional factor in all these stories, which i have not achieved till today. They have a “happy ever after” ending which does not sit well with me. Tragic romances are worse because there is nothing really good about a tragedy. I finally read something that managed to balance the two factors and give the story an actual realistic ending.This was Lesley Lokko.
The book was breathtaking, I thought I said that already, but the ending practically changed my life! Maybe am exaggerating, but surely! It was on forgiveness, and if that seemed impossible, forgetfulness was a welcome option! It was more of a resignation to the harshness and imperfections of life which to my disappointment is what really lacks in other books that try to fantasize life for what it will never be! ๐Ÿ™‚

Beyond the Money…

This has been a trying month, but am thankful to God that it’s finally through. I have been attending my attatchment for school which has been an immense lesson on my part, atleast I had to get off my couch. Am afraid I like watching a little too many soap operas, which makes me end up spending three quarters of my day glued to the television! Anyway, with no pay, I still have positive reviews for the company. The staff is warm, welcoming and accommodating. I feel that they are passionate about the things they do. As much as they do it for the money, the company’s objective has given me much inspiration as it seeks to better manage our diminishing water resources.

I have been albeit disappointed with some individuals who are so money hungry you can almost hear their bellies rumbling. They are shameless when they ask for it and do not even care about the consequences of their greed. This observation is incomprehensible to me like that deaf guy I saw with a mobile phone this morning. Today my oomph for wit and words seem to be lacking as am not writing as well as I would have hoped to.

I will leave you with these words for today, Let it not always be about money that we engage in the activities that we do. Let there be a purpose, a more engraved feeling of dedication and passion so that at the end of the day, we still have a reason to live and feel alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Friday

It’s Friday, so I was told. My reply, a very deliberate “so?!” You would think it rude but it’s only a question that I wanted answered. I definitely know which day of the week it is, so why did this person find it necessary to remind me? Apparently, it has become the norm for people to have plans to go out on Fridays to let go of the week’s strain. They go out, drink, dance, have sex, take drugs, then go home in the wee hours at dawn completely unaware of whatever it is they have done only to wake up 7 hours later with a head pounding hangover, exhausted, and in addition, with a fancy named STI that they will definitely get to know about later.

My definition for this way of ending the week translates to a pure waste of time, resources, money, energy, health and breeding. Who ever engraved it in stone that you had to get severely drank in order to have a good time?

This is why I will outline the to-do list for my Friday evening. First, I will get myself home, make a nice mouth watering meal & take a nice, hot shower. I will later sleep on my couch, with a blanket of-course, plate in hand, enjoy it while watching my favorite soap operas. When am done, I’ll make a cup of hot chocolate or get a can of beer, put a movie in the DVD player/ read one of those Historic novels that I love so much. When it gets late all I have to do is jump into my upper deck bed and snore till Saturday mid-morning….

That sounds like a well spent Friday evening to me, with alot less of a hustle. To most it may sound like a lack of a ‘life’ as I was also once told, but really, am not a mass minded thinker and I do like to do things my own way. I will leave you with my favorite course book’s quote from high school, “Dr.Stockman: The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone.” In this case, Woman. Enjoy your Friday guys… ๐Ÿ™‚

First post

Its 10:19 a.m now…Am not overly ecstatic but am glad that am finally doing this, after a long period of procrastination. Apparently, it’s a character trait among writers but i think its an excuse we make.ย  Myself, I’ll admit it i can be abit lazy.

Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, am still at a loss as to whatย  thoughts this post should entail. I guess I could favour you guys with a tale of how I really wanted to blog that I started writing a journal. I used to refer it as my blog with only one reader, me! It started out fine, me with such zeal that I made myself laugh. It’s been long since i last wrote anything so a few days back i went through it to re-read what I had written. I was utterly disappointed. I had come to the realization that I pretty much wrote the same thing all through. I hope you are curious as to what it was, so I’ll tell you. I was whining about a guy over and over again! My journal had changed from a blog to a venting media. Needless to say, the reason I did not talk to one of my girl friends is that they would gossip about it, and then the whole world would know. I cherish discretion.ย  Its saddening but what can one do when they are rejected.

That said, am going to make a promise that I pray I’ll get to keep.ย  There will be approximately limited love talk here, about me that is because i love soap operas! Give me one any day and you will forever be dear to me… ๐Ÿ˜›