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The broke person Manual; Using Data Bundles…

When I revived this blog, I wanted to be myself in all aspects and I actually thought that I would never be able to write those “how to…” articles that give you all manner of advice about any number of situations. You are ever eager to read them but you eventually realize that there are only like 2 things you can implement on a 30 point how to do list. However, being in the unemployment group, I find that I am able to maneuver in a number of situations with my scant resources and I found it necessary to share some of my wisdom with my fellow broke people out there. Since I’m sure there are a lot of us, I think this will help. Continue reading “The broke person Manual; Using Data Bundles…”

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Have you been watching Passion and Power?!!!!!!


I’m glad that a really good show is airing now and I actually have something positive to add to this entry. Passion and Power (Pasion Y Poder) started about a month ago on Citizen TV and I was excited with the Coming Soon add when it aired just by virtue of the cast leading the show. The telenovela stars Fernando Colunga, Jorge Salinas, Susana Gonzales, Michelle Renaud and Jose Pablo Minor. Continue reading “Have you been watching Passion and Power?!!!!!!”

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The broke Person manual: Cheap is not expensive…

People who know me personally are always very vocal about my usage of money and some would even go as far as calling me a miser! It never gets to me though because they don’t know that I don’t have the kind of money they want me to spend and it all boils down to one simple question… How do you spend money that you don’t have? Continue reading “The broke Person manual: Cheap is not expensive…”

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Two Years Later!

I started this blog in 2014 when I first learned about blogging. I was very enthusiastic about it but blogging like many things in life require one to have a clear plan and direction of where you want it to go. I was in campus then and I thought that I did not have enough going on in my life to run a blog but I now realize there are a number of amazing stories I would have shared with you had I been in the state of enlightenment that I am in now.

Continue reading “Two Years Later!”